Rhythm Therapy   

"Thankyou Paul for another amazing morning's entertainment. The sevice users at Perran Bay and the staff agree you are the best entertainment we have. This morning was special as we had two classes of school children from the local primary school who enjoyed the percussion & "bouncing" as much as our residents. This was unplanned but a wonderful sight to see the two generations playing together. Thanks from all at Perran Bay"


" With Drum Therapy our residents 'eyes light up' and the response is phenomenal!" M Browne - manager of Alexandra Nursing Home

" Amazing - professional, inclusive and inspiring "  Artistic director, APEX

" Since my autistic son has been receiving one-to-one sessions with Paul, it has enabled and empowered him to find a new musical dialogue through improvisation, rhythm and sound " Parent and care giver, Caroline Coleman


                                                         " I have been privileged to have seen Paul at work facilitating drumming sessions with residents in local care homes. He is very talented indeed, has a natural ability to connect with everyone and make a difference in this world. You have to see it to believe the impact that his work has on others. Time and time again I have watched him make the room and residents come truly alive, and feel incredibly humbled to have witnessed this. His work in care homes enables people to gently move their bodies to create music which allows them to "open up" and reconnect with life. His charisma and passion for his work is evident, and the residents pick up on this because even people that seem "locked away" in their mind instantly come alive when he begins teaching.  I have been truly moved on more than one occasion watching the results that he gets as he works. Very highly recommended indeed. " Maria Hokins

         "A drum workshop! I can hear you all muttering and thinking OMG how loud why would anyone want that! WELL I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND GIVING IT A TRY! Paul is very good and encourages all the people to take part, we have loads of fun and make lots of noise ourselves with the instruments that Paul provides. I have to say we had our reservations to begin with, but now have these workshops running on a regular basis. " Donna,  manager Age UK