All workshops can be tailored up to 50 participants


  - Drumming with dementia

          The effects of drumming with people that suffer from dementia can be so positive that it can leave staff and care workers quiet literally - speechless! It seems to really bring them back into there bodies and allows them to focus lighting their faces with smiles and joy!

  - Drumming with autism and special needs

            Paul has witnessed huge breakthroughs in behavior patterns with some of his clients. Music seems to transcend the bounderies of learning disabilities. Paul works one on one and also with groups.

  - Schools

            These sessions can be tailored for a specific outcome i.e team building, self confidence, show casing ect.

  - Events

             Liven up your event with Paul's ice-breaking rhythmic grooves and uniting the people together through the music.

  - Childrens parties

             Great fun!! double up with a friend!

  - Weddings

             Paul recently facilitated a session at a wedding and it was incredible, it was the day before and as you know when families all get together it can be a bit tense! the session was an incredible ice-breaker and really united the families and brought them all together all ages in one rhythm.

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